Estate & Trust Administration

Comprehensive Counsel on Florida Estate Law

Probate and trust administration are very detail-oriented areas of Florida estate law, rich with many tasks, responsibilities, and duties with which the layperson is unfamiliar. As a result, navigating probate and trust administration can be overwhelming for many, particularly after the death of a loved one. However, because Florida estate law is a primary practice area of Osborne & Osborne, P.A., our attorneys and their staff proficiently handle these administrations on a daily basis. Our wills and trusts attorneys are authorities in Florida estate law, and our decades of experience enable us to expedite and simplify the estate and trust administration process for our clients.

Demonstrating their proficiency and expertise in Florida estate law, our attorneys provide comprehensive counsel and personalized legal services regarding all aspects of probate and the administration of all estate and trust instruments. This includes services such as:

  • Handling all necessary court proceedings;
  • Gathering, consolidating, and distributing assets;
  • Notifying and properly handling potential and known creditors;
  • Accounting and settling the estate and trust administrations;
  • Preparing any necessary tax returns, including fiduciary income tax returns and estate and generation-skipping tax returns.

Our attorneys also provide top-notch representation and advice regarding contested administration issues such as elective share, homestead, and creditor claim disputes and the proper handling of fiduciary obligations and prudent investment issues.