Planning & Zoning

Working on our clients’ behalf to expedite land use and regulatory approvals.

The lifelong commitment to all aspects of the South Florida community has permitted our zoning attorney to develop unique insights on the client’s behalf and to establish meaningful working relationships based upon mutual respect with representatives of various governmental entities.

This has greatly enhanced and expedited innovative development in the community and permitted critical participation in the policy-making process. Our zoning attorney is a respected advocate in the articulation of the merits of a client’s position before governmental boards and agencies in South Florida.

Guidance, advice, coordination, and representation are just some of the services our zoning attorney provides in relation to:

  • Comprehensive planning;
  • Planned development;
  • Platting, and the avoidance of required platting;
  • Issues related to permitting;
  • Zoning and zoning approvals;
  • Special exceptions;
  • Conditional uses;
  • Variances; and
  • Presentations and quasi-judicial hearings before South Florida boards and agencies.

Our zoning attorney works collectively with the appropriate parties at every level and phase of the approval process with a deep understanding that delays can postpone the success of an otherwise advantageous project.